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Essential Things You Need To Know About Opiate Blocking Shots

Opiate blocking shot is one such option used by sublocade doctors for treating individuals facing drug addiction. These shots are designed to provide medication over a month at a controlled rate. They are a safe and promising form of treatment. However, patients are not left with a shot. Doctors further recommend behavioral therapies and counseling. This reduces the risk of relapse and enhances the likelihood of a sustained recovery.

As you stick with us, we’ll put a detailed insight into what opioid blocking shots have to do. Meanwhile, you can also attend our podcast at the below-given link.


Opiate Blocking Shot- treatment for suboxone addiction Attleboro

Suboxone doctor Providence provides sublocade as an opiate blocking shot. Buprenorphine is the generic ingredient here. The same buprenorphine is present in Suboxone, which was the first opioid medication approved by the FDA since Methadone.

Approved since 2002, buprenorphine is a partial agonist. However, this medication helps reduce the withdrawals and cravings that come with opioid addiction. It has equally helped patients cut the physical dependence like cravings and withdrawals. Besides, it blocks the effect of other opioids; therefore, it can work efficiently when taken sublingually.

Meanwhile, treatment for suboxone addiction is quickly changing. Sublocade is the latest way of administering buprenorphine. A medical expert provides the shot via injection. Over time, medication is absorbed into the system within a month-long time. The drug is injected into the subcutaneous tissue in the lower abdomen (belly fat). It slowly releases into your system for a month.

Facts to keep in Mind

The following are some critical points that your sublocade doctors want you to know

1. Sublocade is Once-Monthly Product

Unlike other buprenorphine medications like Suboxone, Sublocade is the first of its kind that needs to be taken monthly. This is what we call “medical adherence” or “compliance.” It reduces the patient to take medication regularly.

This option is time-saving. Patients no longer need to visit a clinic frequently. Once in a month is enough for sustained benefits.

2. Buprenorphine A Compulsion

With sublocade, the general protocol requires you to take a stable dose of buprenorphine for at least seven days. Suboxone doctors coin it as “transmucosal drug delivery.” After a patient passes the first stage, he/she is now eligible for a sublocade shot. You should understand that sublocade is just an extended-release version of buprenorphine.

3. Trained Experts For Medication

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Not every doctor or pharmacy can administer these drugs. You need to have someone professional who specializes in medication-assisted treatment. To find out the nearest experts, search online “sublocade doctors near me.”

Suboxone clinics include doctors, counselors, case managers, and more who can help you with the treatment.

4. Counseling and Therapy

The sublocade shots work well when combined with counseling and therapy. Taking an opiate blocking shot help reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings. As a result, you can now stick to your recovery process.

Also, there is less chance of relapse when not dealing with withdrawal and cravings.

5. Vivitrol Is Categorically Different

Vivitrol is rounding in the market. However, it is another brand-name injectable medicine used for opioid use disorder treatment. While sublocade helps cut opioid addiction, Vivitrol is a drug used to treat alcohol and opioid dependence and prevent relapse.

Naltrexone is an active ingredient in Vivitrol. It is classified as an opioid antagonist. Vivitrol does not occupy the opioid receptor; it temporarily blocks the opioid receptors to prevent euphoria. Sublocade fills the opioid receptors to 40% capacity. The buprenorphine particles come with a partial agonist and antagonist; it equally comes with blocking property using opioids.

Suboxone Doctors Near Me

Finding the right suboxone doctors will make the treatment process swifter. No two individuals face identical cases, and every treatment is unique in itself. Having a team of certified counselors makes the therapy more encouraging. Get in touch with us and set a path to recovery.

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